Here we have added a lot of questions for your prepration…

1. Khushaal Singh is famous fighter from:

  1. Nimbaheda
  2. Aauuaa
  3. Naseerabad
  4. Kota

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2. Where the 1857 revolt was started in Rajasthan:

  1. Naseerabad
  2. Kota
  3. Nimbaheda
  4. Ajmer

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3. Who has initiated the Bhagat Aandolan:

  1. Shadhu Sitaram
  2. Baba Ramdev
  3. Shadhu Govindgiri
  4. Vijay Singh Pathik

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4. The Gandhi Aasharam in Hatundi (Ajmer), was build by:

  1. Manikya Lal Verma
  2. Jamana Lal Bajaj
  3. Haribhau Upadhayay
  4. Arjun Lal Sethi

5. ‘Raai-Budiya’ is a type of which Rajasthani folk-drama:

  1. Rammat
  2. Nautanki
  3. Bhawai
  4. Gawari

…….to be continued.


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