The culture of Rajasthan is not totally different in India, but special geographic and political conditions makes it unique in some aspects.

In Rajasthan there are many Fairs and Festivals are organized and enjoyed. Festivals are good way to build up our social relationships and also it wash up the stress of work.

The main festivals of rajasthan are:


Gan(Hindi Word) + Gaur(Hindi Word) = Lord Shiva + Goddess Parvati



From the next day of Holi the season of Gangaur is started with melodies Gangaur songs (geet). Be noted that the Holi is celebrated on the poornima of Falgun (Hindi Month) and from next day the Gangaur poojan(worship) is started.

The Fest is celebrated by unmarried girls in a wish of handsome and good husband, by married women in long life of their married relationship (suhaag), and also by ladies for wellness of their brothers.

During Gangaur ladies eat only once in day for 15 days. Also all the ladies use mehandi on their hands during this festival. It is believed that this festival is started when Goddess Parvati first time leave her father’s house (Gounna) and her friends welcome her with singing songs, that’s why on this festival songs are sung and ladies dance.

The festival mainly celebrated in Jodhpur, Jaipur, Uaipur & Kota. O’Connell Todd described very nicely the celebration of Gangaur in Udaipur in his books.

On the last day the women make-up a lot and wear very beautiful and colorful rajasthani dresses and really is looks great and very colorful.


In the season of Rain (Savan – Hindi Month), Teez is a very famous festival of Rajasthan. In desert of rajasthan rain has it’s beauty and enjoyment. It is celebrated on the third day of savan month.

Teez is a symbol of Goddess Parvati. On this festival ladies wear Odhani of 7 colors.

The teez festival of jaipur is very fa,ous.

Kalji Teez of Bundi:

In Bundi the teez festival is celebrated on third day of Bhadrapad(Hindi Month) month.


It is a festival for worship of Shitala Mata. It is celerated on the 8th day after Holi. On this day the food that is cooked last night is eaten.


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