Main Rajasthani Folk Musics are:


It’s famous for the water-fetching from wells (Panghat). It’s shows the Love and Faith towards their husbands by the rajasthani women. Atal Paniharin & Pathik.

Listen the panihari song (Click Here)


Gorband is ornament of camel’s neck. In these songs the make-up of camels is described.

Listen Gorband song (Click Here)


It reminds the loved ones. These songs are mostly sung for those women whose husbands lives (for Job or Other reasons) far from them.

Listen Oalyun Song (Click Here)


These songs are realeted to the birds. The most beautiful bird in rajasthan is Peacock, it’s for them.

Listen Moriyo Song (Click Here)

Songs of Rain:

In the desert of rajasthan the rain has pretty much importance. So there are many songs are sung to invite the god of rain. Also the rainy season is a very beautiful season for the rajasthanis.

Listen Rain Season Song (Click Here)

Keshriya Baalam:

It’s the song od MAAND category. The Mand category of rajasthan is a globally famous music category. It is the mixture of folk music and the classical music. The famous Mand singers of rajasthans are.. Alla Jillai Bai, Fati Bai, Mangi Bai.

                            Keshriyo Balam Padharo, Aao ni Mhare Desh…


Binzaara are the people who don’t live a stable place, they use to move from a place to another after staying there temporarily for couple of days. The very famous song they use to sing when they travel is….

Cham Cham Chamke Chundi Binzaara re,

Koi Thodo So Mhare Saami Naach Re Binzaara Re.


Vinayak is the God Ganesha. In the occasions of marriages and all first of all the song of vinayak is sung.


Banna (Groom), Banni (Bride)

The banna-banni songs are sung the marriages for the happy marriage life of the bride and grooms.


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