Rajasthan also played a main role in rebellion of 1857.

Till 1818 the almost kings of rajasthan has accepted the conservation of East India Company.

Main centers of rebellion:

Center Facts
  • First place in Rajasthan to start the 1857 rebellion.
  • Here it starts on 28 May 1857 (18 days after Merut).
  • Major Burton and his TWO SONS were killed.
  • Thakur Khushaal Singh of AAUA was leader of revolt here.
  • He deafated English Force in Bithola (Pali) on 8 September.
  • Political Agent Mark Messon was murdered here.
  • It was the major location of revolt of 1857 in rajasthan.

English Cantonments in Rajasthan During 1857:

  • Naseerabad
  • Dewali
  • Erinpura (Marwaar)
  • Kherwada
  • Byawar
  • Kota

The Famous Fighters of 1857 Rebellion from Rajasthan:

  • Lala Jaydayaal & Mehraab Singh (Advocate in Kota Darbaar)
  • Thakur Khushaal Singh (Jodhpur)
  • Suryamaal Missonn (Poet of Bundi Darbaar)
  • Rawat Keshri Singh & Rawat Jodhsingh (Mewaar)
  • Tarachan Patel (Tonk)

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