Kisaan Aandolans

Bizoliya Kisaan AAndolan (Bizoliya’a Farmer Mutiny):

It was headed by Vijay Singh Pathik & Shadhu Sitaram Daas. The main reason behind this mutiny was to free the farmers from the heavy taxes of the English and local kings(Ultimately who were under the East India Company).

Dr. Mohan Singh Mehta made deal with the farmers and solve their problems. It was a nonvoilent mutiny.

Bengu Kisaan AAndolan:

After the success of Bizoliya Kisaan AAndolan the farmers of Bengu also decided to make one for their problems. Here also the members of Rajasthan Seva Sangh, Vijay Singh Pathik, Manikya Lal Verma, Ram Narayan Choudhary was key persons to play the role..

This nonviolent mutiny resulted solution of many problems like taxes etc. of farmers of Bengu.

Alawar Kisaan AAndolan:

Due to the problem of terror of wild pigs in alwar also there was a rise of kisaan andolan. There were a meeting organized to take care of taxes in Nimuchana. A shooting in Nimuchana was held when some of the farmers were leaving the due to excessive taxes, hundreds of men, women and children killed in this. Mhatma Gandhi criticised this event.


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